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                February 25th, 2016                                 Minutes

Louisa VA Tea Party meeting minutes for February 25, 2016.

The meeting came to order with an opening prayer said by Bruce Stone followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by Frank Vayo, at the Louisa county library at 7 PM.

Our new coordinator, Jack Bertron, thanked our former coordinator, Fred Gruber, for his years of service as Tea Party Coordinator. Jack then asked the group for ideas  to increase our membership and the tea parties visibility. Dominick Volpe mentioned that there is going to be a CFL gun show and that may be we could get a table there to promote the party. Also, that we could put our flyers in mini marts and other shops and stores to make people aware of our organization. It was mentioned that we need younger members, such as high school students, as well as college students.

The next order of business was to remind everyone of the mass meeting for the GOP at the public library at 6 o'clock on March 24 for delegates. Also, on May 21 the district representatives for the GOP will meet for the district, at the Republican Center in Richmond. The Tea Party Convention will be held and if interested contact Jack or Fred and let them know if you're interested in attending.

Next order of business Frank Vayo gave the tea party balance of $93.85 from last month after expenses.

Finally, our guest speaker, Steven Brodie Tucker was introduced. Steven is a graduate from Virginia Tech with a bachelors degree in philosophy.  He is a member of the Republican Party of Caroline County, the Editor in Chief of the Pendleton Penn, he is published in the Virginia Right and also the Bull Elephant. The topic of his presentation was : Holding the Unaccountable  Accountable: Local, State and Federal. Steven spoke about understanding legislated bills, what's in them, who wrote them and how should your representatives be voting for them. He spoke about building your relationship with your representative because it does matter. The process called gray papers, which is your representative changing his or her vote at the last minute from which there is no record because it was changed from one decision to another. It's a move that representatives do so their constituents don't know their real voting record. He also spoke about studying the bills so that your legislated representative knows exactly what the bill is about. Steven also recommended going on your delegate's Facebook page because they do get their information from their constituents of their viewpoints from this website. He also recommended that one educate themselves by reading, Virginia Rights and the Bull Elephant as well as taking the courses with the Center for Sell-Governance. At the completion of Steven Tucker's presentation the meeting was adjourned.