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Louisa Teaparty meeting minutes for Thursday, January 28, 2016

The meeting came to order with the opening prayer said by David Shaw and the Pledge of Allegiance said by Jim Pfeiffer.

Before the nomination of officers commenced, there was a discussion about the Board of Supervisors meeting and the Internet and what transpired at the BOS meeting. There was a tentative yes with going ahead with the counties involvement with the Internet but there had to be more studies done before this decision by the board of supervisors was final. There also was a discussion about teaparty members attending the board of education meetings as well as attending the Internet committee meetings. Fred Gruber also brought up the situation to get more of the information on sludge a.k.a. biosolids out to people of the community and our meetings.

Fred Gruber then reminded everyone of the February 16 Townhall meeting with our representative Dave Brat at 7 PM at the Louisa Art Center.

Next order of business our current treasurer, Frank Vayo, reported that the current balance of our account is $97.85.

Fred Gruber, the current coordinator, then called to order the elections of officers for the upcoming year. Fred has withdrawn his name as a nominee for coordinator but had submitted Jack Bertron to be nominated as coordinator. Since Jack could not be at the meeting, he had previously approved Fred's nomination to be elected for this position. The call was taken and all 13 members that were in attendance, nominated Jack Bertron for Coordinator.

The second officer nominee was Frank Vayo for his existing position as treasurer, from which all 13 members voted unanimously

The third nominee for the secretary's position was existing secretary Joanne Boenig. She too was unanimously voted in as secretary.

The events chairman was reestablished, that Jack Bertron would continue to be the events Coordinator and Dominic Volte said he would love to assist Jack with getting guest speakers for our meetings. Also, Ralph Brickey, our board of supervisor meetings informer, whom wasn't present, would be asked to continue his good work at attending all the Board of Supervisors meetings to let us know what's going on in the county.

Fred Gruber, continued with his coordinating of the meeting since Jack was not present and he asked him to take his place if elected. Fred ask the group what they would like to address in the upcoming meetings of the teaparty. Bob Armante suggested just that we scrutinize the county budget and that the Board of Supervisors that are coming up for elections be vetted. Other suggestions were about the counties budget, the traffic situation in Louisa county and the sludge situation.

Finally, Fred announced that he would continue to be they special Sunday speaker Coordinator and our speaker for the next meeting would be Steve Tucker.

The meeting finally came to a close.
   January 28th, 2016                 Minutes