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The meeting came to order at 7 PM at the Louisa county public library, by Fred Gruber, due to our coordinator Jack Bertron being unable to attend. After the prayer and the pledge were said Frank Vayo, treasurer, gave his treasury report. Our kitty has, after expenses as of last months meeting, a total of $584.39. 

The first order of business, Fred Gruber introduced our several guest speakers of the evening. Our two main speakers of the evening are Virginia Rights blogger, Sandy Sanders, and Jim Bacon, whom blogs for Strong Town Movement. Also, George Goodwin and John McGuire whom are running for Peter Farrell's position in Congress for our district were asked to speak on their behalf of their campaign's

The first person that spoke for the evening was John McGuire, businessman and former Navy seal. He spoke about his experiences being paralyzed and coming back to have the stamina to open a nationwide business of fitness for people of all ages, from 80s on down. He is the brother of Louisa County Commonwealth Attorney, Rusty McGuire. He spoke about his life growing up in foster homes and being raised by his grandpa. He was a sniper instructor in the service.

The next speaker was George Goodwin, who was Tom Garrett's a legislator advisor. George has lived his entire life in Louisa and worked for the government for many years. It wasn't until he left his government position that he was able to pursue his political endeavors. George reads all the legislation and then presents it to our congressman on what the bill is about and advises him whether or not to vote on that legislation. George has  invaluable experience in the workings of Congress and how the state legislature works.

Our guest speaker of the evening was Sandy Sanders, whom is a lawyer and a political activist. Sandy has blog for Tom White's, Virginia Rights blog since 2009 and has guest blog several other places from time to time. He spoke about the events of Europe and the UK and that it could very possibly be coming here to the USA.

Our final guest speaker of the evening was Jim Bacon. Jim spoke about his bacon rebellion and how he started his blog. You can look at his blog at ; 

After Jim's presentation our meeting came to a close.

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