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The LOUISA VA TEA PARTY intends it's activities to be in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. Full compliance with the letter and spirit of the law is fundamental to the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY organization. Important are honesty, integrity, openness, cooperation, respect and fairness in all of our interactions within the organization and with others. Diligently applying these standards will allow the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY to earn the trust and respect of our Members, our co-volunteers, our donors, and with the public in general.
In all actions, the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY Members are also expected to uphold the values of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY and the values in the U.S. Constitution established by our nation's Founders. Specifically, these include actions taken by LOUISA VA TEA PARTY Members during public rallies and demonstrations, online or through social media, and through interpersonal interactions with other people, regardless of others' political views or behavior.
The values of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY are:
*Constitutional Adherence
*Limited Government
*Fiscal Responsibility
*Virtue and Accountability
*Free Markets
Accordingly, the following behaviors are considered acceptable and expected of all LOUISA VA TEA PARTY Members or volunteers:
*Engage in peaceful non-partisan (to the extent possible) public discourse
*Respect the rule of law and the processes for political and policy action established under the U.S. Constitution
Spirited debate is a core and essential element of our political system. However, under no circumstances is it acceptable
for any LOUISA VA TEA PARTY Member to subject others to slurs or insults based on race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, gender or political beliefs.
Under no circumstances is it acceptable for a LOUISA VA TEA PARTY Member / Volunteer to engage in unlawful or violent behavior in the pursuit of policy or political objectives.
It is the expectation that all Members or Volunteers of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY will comply with the letter and spirit of this Code and acxtively participate in the activities of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTYaccording to the highest standards as enumerated above. It is also required for a member of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY who becomes aware of a breach of this Code by any Member to report the incident to the LVTP Coordinator, or any Committee Chair if the Coordinator is not available, in person, by phone or eMail. Volunteers not complying with the Code of Conduct may be disassociated from the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY.
Thank you for your support of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY!
Code of Conduct authorized and accepted by vote of the LOUISA VA TEA PARTY membership on 5/22/2012
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