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Joanne Boenig
4001 Bibb Store Rd
Louisa, VA 23093
August 21, 2014

Dear Editor,
The Democrats are destroying America. The American citizens are becoming enslaved by our government. Our freedoms and liberties are being slowly taken away from us. They have, and will, continue to destroy our healthcare system. Lies are their only way of getting their agenda across. You can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, your rates will decline. These are just some of their lies. They want to take your guns, prevent you from your religious freedoms and speech, as well as make you pay for things you don't want.
The House of Representatives has passed over 300 bills that Harry Reid (D) refuses to bring up for a vote, which would help our country and its economic recovery. The do-nothing Congress are the obstructionist Democrats! They don't want to compromise, they wanted their way or the highway. There are no compromising with people that don't follow the Constitution, are bankrupting the country, and tax you unmercifully. They are not the old-time Democrats, but they are the communist progressives. It's just like it was in Germany when Hitler took it over! History repeats itself.
Ms Deanna Nicosia's comment about the Tea Party, spreading lies and hate of our president and his administration, are just some more of the constant democratic lies and sound bites, that are totally unfounded. The truth about Fast & Furious, Benghazi and the IRS, as well as refusing to close our Borders are not lies or hate. They are just the facts.
The Tea Party are American Patriots, that want our government to abide by our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They are for smaller government and states rights. They are for the Second Amendment, religious freedom and freedom of speech. Not only is the Tea Party uniting all Americans, of all political parties, they are enlightening and educating all to what our country is headed for and whom is causing it. I am sick and tired of the President and the Democrats insinuating that the Tea Party are terrorists. It's more of their deception and lies.
Dave Brat is a republican, that follows the Republican Creed which is inline with what the Tea Party stands for. He is what the 7th District needs to represent our conservative constituents. He is the true grassroots representation of our district. Ms Nicosia's Democratic contender, Jack Trammell, is not nor could ever be considered grassroots. This is just another one of her deceptions in her letter to the Editor.
Joanne Boenig
Joanne Boenig