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Louisa VA Tea Party meeting minutes for Thursday, July 29, 2016

The meeting came to order with Jack Bertron, coordinator, telling the tea party group that the primary scheduled speaker for the evening's meeting, Congressman Peter Farrell, had canceled. However, we had four outstanding guest speakers for the evening. We had Noah from Dave Brat's office, Michael Del Rosso, whom was our June 23 Special Sunday Guest Speaker, as well as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor on Terrorism. We were also honored to have our newly elected delegates Ron Hedmund and David Blake from the Republican Convention also as speakers tonight.

Jack then asked our guest speaker, Michael Del Rosso to give the opening prayer, followed by Bob Keeler, with the Pledge of Allegiance. Frank Vayo, treasurer, was then asked to give the treasury's report. Our kitty has as of that evening a balance of $211.20. The secretary's report could not be given due to the fact that Joanne Boenig was unable to attend the meeting due to a horse being ill.

Jack then asked Fred Gruber to describe Michael Del Rosso's presentation on the Special Sunday Guess Speaker meeting. Fred summarized Michael's speech with a glowing critique of his presentation. He also added that there were only 36 people that attended the meeting, however, it was a somewhat sizable attendance.

Jack then mention that the agricultural fair would be tomorrow and Saturday and our group needed more help. There were no replies to the request. Jack then mention that Lonnie made cupcakes for the fair to increase donations for the tea party. Jack also printed more tea party cards and they would be handed out at the end of the meeting, in addition to Michael's book on Shariah.

Jack asked Noah to give us an update on Congressman Dave Brat, who is now on recess. Noah said that Dave is looking for volunteers to knock on doors and ETC.   There is also a huge need for interns to work for Dave.

Next the two guess speakers Ron Hedmund and Michael Del Rosso came up together to speak about the National Republican Convention in Cleveland Ohio, from which they attended together. Ron thank everyone that voted for him for Central Committee,at the State Republican Convention, from which he,Susan and Dewey won the convention seats by 2/3 of the majority votes.

Michael then spoke about working on issues of national security for 20 years, as well as working on the presidential campaign's for Dr. Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump as the national security advisor. Michael then spoke about three of his closest friends retired Admiral Chuck Kubek, who was the commander of the Seabee's, Joe Smith, inspector General of the DOD, retired General Jerry Boykin and Gary Harrell. These men are part of Donald Trumps closest top national security advisors. Michael feels that you should feel confident that Donald has the very best men advising him. He also declared Donald Trump a real patriot. 

Michael and Ron were workers and drivers for the surrogate speakers at the Republican convention. Michael drove congressman Louis Gohmert from Texas and Ron drove a retired well known diplomat. They spoke about their wonderful and yet at the same time bizarre experiences during the convention.

Michael spoke about our representatives in Congress and how some are very good and are doing a great job, like Louis Gohmert, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz. Whereas, other ones need to be thrown out. We have representatives in the Republican Party that have caused Isis to be funded as well as armed with our own military supplies and arms. Some in the Republican Party such as Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and John McCain are just an example of those who knew that we were giving arms to Isis through Obama and Hillary and how these traitors caused the 4 deaths at Benghazi.

Our next guest speaker was Don Blake, the leader of The Christian Alliance. He spoke about his website and the four books that they are promoting on sharia. News commentary, Bridget Gabrielle, is an expert on sharia and Islam and is giving classes and seminars in large groups about the teachings of Islam. They had a group of 450 people attend her last seminar. She does not charge for her seminars, however, she likes to sell her books to inform people of the evils of this religion and ideology. Don also spoke about attending the Republican convention and his experiences. One thing that amazed him was the massive amounts of police on bicycles to patrol and enforce the Law. 

Don then went on to talk about how the Trump people were attacking the Ted Cruz people. He said it got very nasty from the Trump people. However, it's time now that we need to get behind Donald Trump. He himself was a Ted Cruz supporter. However, he is now supporting Donald Trump. He knows Donald Trump will have key people around him to help him run the country.

At the end of the session, Michael Del Rosso had a question and answer period with our members and the meeting finally came to a close.


July 29th, 2016      Minutes