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Louisa VA Tea Party meeting minutes for Thursday, June 23, 2016

The meeting came to order with the opening prayer said by Joanne Boenig and the Pledge of Allegiance said by Jack Bertron at the Louisa county public library at 7 PM.
The first order of business, Jack Bertron, coordinator, asked Frank Vayo, treasurer, for the treasury's report. Our kitty has after last months meeting a total of $178.32. Next Jack asked Joanne Boenig, secretary, to read the minutes of the last months meeting to the group and which would be later posted online.

Jack then asked new members to introduce themselves to the group and then spoke about the card flyers that he brought in and suggested the group take more. He then ask the group if anyone had put them out. Fred Gruber mentioned that it might be of benefit to put them on windshields of automobiles that have Gadsden plates. Kathy Pfeiffer mentioned that she had posted hers on  her car and it was mentioned that Gadsden plates were the best selling plates over the entire state of VA.

PONCH then spoke about Bryce Reeves and how he is backing him for lieutenant governor. He then mentioned that it would be nice if we had finger foods at the meetings since he attended Orange's Tea Party meeting and they had a nice spread of finger foods at the end of their meeting to honor their secretary's sudden passing. A vote was taken and 11 were for finger foods and five were not. It was also mentioned that there would be a pig roast benefit for Bryce Reeves Campaign at the local campground.

The next order of business was to mention and re-remind the group, that this Sunday speaker Michael J Del Rosso would be held at the Best Western in Zions crossroads at 2 PM on July 25. The topic would be on terrorism and there would be a brunch prior to the meeting at 2PM  at the IHOP just behind the Best Western.

The final order of business before our guest speaker's presentation was to remind everyone about the Agricultural Fair on July 29 and 30th at the County's fairgrounds and that we needed volunteers to man the Tea Party's booth. Names were read that were on the list are ready and we needed more to fill in the time-slots.

Finally, Reagan G George, an expert in voter fraud, gave his presentation. Mr. George is a founding member of the Fair Lakes Area Tea Party. He is also a member of the North Virginian Tea Party, Fairfax County Republican Party, as well as the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. He's involved in establishing the Virginia Voters Alliance, which is devoted to improving voting processes by sponsoring legislation, recruiting election officers/poll watchers, and combating voter fraud in Virginia.

Mr. George gave a brief review of key slides in his Convention of the States presentation with the presentation on voter fraud followed by updates that we need to be aware of as the left pushes for new laws at the national state and local levels.

Reagan spoke about the lawsuit for Alexandria Virginia with whom too many voters voted for the amount of registered voters in Alexandria. This was the same as in Loudoun County Virginia. In Loudoun County, the discrepancy of 9000 noncitizens on the jury duty rolls conflicted with the stats of the voting rolls. This is and was a wide discrepancy. There are 44,000 registered voters that are registered in both Maryland and VA. Thus, so many registered voters are voting in duel states. This is not to mention the illegal voters that are now registered to vote through organizations, such as the  the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS whom are registering and promoting ineligible Noncitizens to vote. In Fairfax alone 17 voters voted in two states and 300 illegal voters voted, which is a class five and class six felony. There is known to be 308,000 voters voting across state lines in duel states. Unfortunately, even with bringing this information to elected officials, nothing is being done about it. There have been no prosecutions or fines and everything is being swept under the rug from the democratic party. These elected officials need to be sued for not performing their job under the WRIT OF MANDAMUS. There are 31,000 dead citizens that are still on the voters registered rolls. Also, there are at least 40 to 60,000 that need to be taken off voter rolls from which you can find Mr. George's informational article at the bull elephant at;

Country such as Mexico and India have strict voter laws from which they use photo I D's which cannot be altered and there is a five year jail sentence for voter fraud. After Reagan George's presentation they was a question and answer period. Our meeting then came to a close.

        June 23rd, 2016