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January 16, 2013
Senator Mark Warner
475 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Senator Tim Kaine
B40C Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Representative Eric Cantor
303 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Subject: A Frustrated Taxpayer
This missive has become longer than I anticipated, but the daily actions of our President and our Congress continue to appall me.
1. I am extremely disappointed that our Congressmen and women are still voting on and passing bills whose content they have not even read! The Fiscal Cliff, once again, a bill enacted in the middle of the night during a holiday season (even though you had months to deal with this correctly). No spending cuts, but handsome handouts for donors again! What type of business would be able to run this way (always in the red)?
2. I recently became aware of the fact that welfare recipients are able to receive large tax refunds (tax credits) even though they do not work or pay any taxes. Is this our way of “redistributing the nations income”? Our President keeps reciting that everyone should pay his fair share of taxes. I agree, but unfortunately, about 50% or more pay NO income taxes. In the great scheme of things, if a person has an investment in something it means more to them than a handout. It was recently determined that college students who pay a portion of their tuition receive better grades than those whose parents pay for the entire cost of their education.
3. Another recent “quirk” that has come to my attention is one reason why Social Security is going bankrupt before its time. With the continual extensions of unemployment insurance, people are forgetting how to work and losing their skills and expertise that they once had. As soon as the benefits run out, they run to a doctor and start receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income). I recently saw an episode on TV where two able-bodied young people a married couple in their early 20s were both able to receive SSI because of “learning disabilities” - without any requirement to attend school for a trade or seek out some type of work. She had never worked; he had worked at a Burger King and other fast food establishments. What type of incentive is this to try to improve their lives? Why are we allowing these young people to wallow in their own pity and feel sorry for themselves instead of trying to make a better life? Yet we often hear stories of people with major disabilities working, inventing, and doing fantastic things to make their life worthwhile and in many cases absolutely astonishing!
4. Now we begin the “Debt Ceiling” game again! I personally felt that we should have gone over the “Fiscal Cliff” and then at least we would be taking a realistic look at the problems in this country and could start making effective changes to take care of each item correctly instead placing one Band-Aid over another to try to make everyone feel good. In the real world, it you were corporate executives, you would all be fired for continually going over budget without any plans to remedy it. A corporate executive develops plans for the immediate problem, and then cultivates plans for the next 2, 5, 10 and 20 years. We dont seem to be doing this. You have a blindfold on to the real problem and hope to come up with a temporary solution that will keep you in office! A realistic plan would be a balanced budget. Realistically - No budget it should then mean no pay for the people who are responsible until they solve the problem, and no back pay for them when they do! You cannot keep spending the taxpayers money you seem to have forgotten, it is not YOUR money that is being wasted. Especially on “failed projects” that have provided billions to donors. Our entire system needs to be revamped; it cannot be done overnight but we have to start by realizing that more taxes are not the answer. Every administration has admitted that there is a lot of waste within the government departments. We keep hearing about scandals where millions are wasted on parties, unnecessary additions to airports and other facilities that will give some Senator or Representative a place to see his name carved in stone.
5. Next is “Gun Control”. Our President is scheduled to speak today and present his 19 options to make this nation safer. He and his family, of course, are surrounded by armed Secret Service Agents! If the laws that are currently on the books were being enforced, there would be an immediate reduction in violent crimes. Instead of putting violent people away, a defense lawyer makes the case for poor childhood, poverty and other deprivations that have driven him/her to this life of crime. Although “plea bargaining” is appropriate in some cases, it should not be used for violent persons. When we moved to Richmond in 1996, the city was listed as one of the most violent in the country. A law was enacted that required a five-year jail term for anyone committing a crime with a gun even if they didnt use it or it wasnt loaded. Our crime rate dropped drastically and quickly! It wasnt until “gun-free” zones were established around schools and other public locations that these mass school shootings started taking place. If there was an armed person in the school, someone would be less inclined to try to come in and kill defenseless children.
6. When doctors become aware that their patient has a problem that can result in harm to themselves or others, let them place them on a list that would prohibit them from purchasing guns, knives, and other dangerous materials that could be used to make bombs or some type chemical or biological weapon of mass destruction.. Guns are not the problem they do not kill people people kill people. We need to get to the problem with the individual, not prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves or enjoying shooting sports.
7. If our President and Congress were so concerned about “gunrunners” etc., why have we not investigated, and exposed the “Fast & Furious” Scandal. This was originated by the current administration, definitely went awry, but there is no explanation, apology or acceptance of blame for the death of an American soldier and many Mexican nationals. This appears to be speaking out of both sides of the mouth. The 2nd amendment is there to protect lawful abiding citizens from criminals and from government! My father migrated from Sicily and explained that when the government took all the guns away, only the criminals and government had the guns, and it was not a safe environment for anyone who disagreed with the government. He was not a violent man, but enjoyed hunting and fishing, and kept a gun for protection for his family. He explained to me why it was necessary for citizens to be able to have access to guns for their own protection. More research is needed into the effect of violent movies and video games that seem to favor terrorists that kill all the good guys. We always used to cheer for the good guy in the white hat, now it seems to be reversed. Our teenagers hear rap music and play video games about how bad the police are. At the same time, anyone who wants to pray or display the 10 commandments is shot down and portrayed as extremists, even though the majority of people in this country are God-loving people who provide most of the contributions and aid for any disaster that hits our country.
My hope is that someone actually reads this letter, and that the response I receive is not a form letter. My prayers are with you, and I sincerely hope that you will work to try to help this country, instead of your political party.
Kathleen J. Tuzzeo - Pfeiffer
Kathleen  J. Tuzzeo-Pfeiffer